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The RailLight is a rail specific, high quality aluminum fixture with a unique co-extruded LED strip. Thanks to it's special design, the RailLight emits a flood light effect – ensuring perfectly visible walking paths at night. The combination of high quality, energy efficiency and minimal light pollution creates a new lighting experience in the railway industry.

Leading Safety Technology

RailLight was developed with our European partners and has  been used by the Dutch national railway maintenance company (ProRail), after the national railway company had given instructions to improve the safety conditions of the work-site for its personnel.

Suitable for Path of Egress Lighting

RailLight delivers the light precisely where it is needed, and is suitable for path of egress lighting in yards, tunnels, and other areas that may be occupied by personnel or passengers.


Minimize Light Pollution

Thanks to the special design of RailLight light is directed downwards, ensuring minimal light pollution in the surrounding area.  This has a positive influence on various biological, social, and safety issues. The low light pollution also eases tensions with local property owners and users.

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Traditional Rail Yard Lighting



Cost savings

A RailLight fixture can be installed or removed for maintenance by a single worker with no heavy equipment.  A RailLight installation of  400 units  at Lelystad train station in Netherlands, Pro Rail found the costs of RailLight installation to be 30-40% of the costs of traditional railroad lighting concepts, with minimal downtime.  Additional long term cost savings are achieved through energy reduction of as much as 90%.

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